Per File Copyright Headers

Luis Villa says we should do per-file copyright headers and SFLC has some material on how to do them.

Luis is right, but I would add one thing: there are many times where a central copyright file makes a lot of sense, whether instead of or in addition to per-file headers.

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Comment by Luis
2012-03-20 09:15:40

In addition to makes a lot of sense to me, but could you elaborate on when you see it making sense instead of (other than obvious cases, like when it is technically impossible?)

Comment by James Vasile
2012-03-26 16:05:51

Luis, I had technically impossible in mind, but also where the license headers might be in flux in any way. Centralized headers mean one thing gets changed in one place. The number of GPL headers that still mention Temple Place tells me updating headers is a workflow barrier.


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